Reviewed Locations


All the places that have personally been reviewed are based on these three standards: Customer Service, Consistency, and Quality.

Customer Service – noun:

the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.


Consistency – noun: agreement, harmony, or compatibility, especially correspondence or  uniformity among the parts of a complex thing:


Quality – noun:
-an essential or distinctive characteristic, property, or attribute
character or nature, as belonging to or distinguishing a thing
-character with respect to fineness, or grade of excellence
-high grade; superiority; excellence
-a personality or character trait

  • Customer service: The phrase is, “The customer is always right.”, but if you have a company policy that sets boundaries you should not have to always abide by this rule. I have worked in the hospitality industry for 10+ years, so understanding customer service is vital. We live in an age where Yelp, and Google Reviews will damage an establishments reputation. Everything is instant, and if the company is not paying attention to detail it can affect them quickly. If the company is good at communication with its employees and customers; it will show.
  • Consistency: If someone reads a review, they expect the same result when they visit this place. That is human nature to expect the same results.
  • Quality in stead of quantity (I know that is American to not look for excess, but it’s better that way)

These reviews are my opinions. You have your opinion. Everyone is entitled to opinion. Always take into consideration that opinions are not facts, but emotional thoughts. This review blog is here to suggest by the standards, that experiences can be enjoyed when approached appropriately.

“Why does it matter to understand the difference between fact and opinion? Because although everyone is entitled to an opinion, not all opinions are equally valuable. This is precisely why opinions by “experts” are more valued in court testimony and evaluative reporting because they are more likely to provide opinions based on facts. Based in knowledge.”

Cortney S. Warren Ph.D., Naked Truth

The greatest deception men suffer is their own opinions.

-Leonardo da Vinci