Reviewed Books

This is a list of books I have read, and what I think of them with links if you would like to read them as well.

I read The Heartbreak Grape for a project in my Global Wine Studies courses. It is an interesting book because it talks about the complexity and tricky nature of the pinot noir grape variety.

Wine Faults: Causes, Effects, Cures, is a book my professor (John Hudelson Ph. D.) wrote to supplement with the Wine Faults course at Central Washington University. It explains myths, about senses, the chemical background to what we can, and cannot smell, as well as how to counter attack problems that commonly come with making wine that can be found with the sense of smell.

Rosé is a good book to better understand how rosé is so popular. When I used to talk to my grandpa about wine, he would always shove off rosé . It seems that in the 1970’s rosé wine was always the worst of the worst that anyone could buy, so many winemakers stopped fighting to make it. Now it is one of the most asked for types of wine. I would recommend it to anyone in marketing.

China has slowly become one of the biggest wine importers in the last two decades. Thirsty Dragon explains how China came to desiring wine, and why they are not only importing, but are producing, and counterfeiting wine, all for the consumers desire for status.