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Bottling the Highest Honor

Yesterday, I volunteered to bottle. Now usually this does not include much information beforehand. Just bring a lunch, and dress grungy.
I have done this once before on a bottling truck with the same main company,  Core Wine Company. Yesterday’s experience was completely different.
We did all the bottling by hand. The corking machine had to be fixed in the middle of production as well. There was so much to be learned in doing it this way versus letting the machines maintain all the products.
First we took bottles out of the box and cleaned them with a nitrogen gun. Then the bottles were filled, but each one had to be checked for perfect capacity. Next the bottles were wiped down and placed into the corker. Upon corking, they were inspected to see if the cork was done correctly.  If it was shaved, it would be removed and replaced. If it was too far out it would be manually pressed with another machine. At the end they were boxed. Some of these were taken out by the distributor to be labeled and waxed.
What was interesting about this batch of wine? Well, it has a great backbone.  But! Also it is being produced to support those who have served. A portion of the proceeds go to help those who have fallen.
Shawn, one of the three distributors from Napa Valley,  was working with Dave Corey to process this wine. It is a delightful blend of merlot 42%, cabernet 51% franc, and petit verdot 7%. It is a 2011 red wine, Napa Valley ava. Alc. 15%.
This magnificent wine is priced at $75 a bottle. The perfect gift to give honor to those who served.
It was great to know I helped out with such a project.

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