How old is beer? Not as old as the planet, but almost as old as humanity. Most archeologists will tell you its about 7,000 years old. There are many records of it in ancient Egypt and Iran. The process of making beer is called brewing.

Beer can be brewed with grains such as: wheat, barely, rye and other cereals. A good amount of these grains are produced above the equator, but it is not uncommon to be produced below it. Beer can also made with hops. Currently the United States produces the most hops in the world. Most of their product comes from Moxee, Washington in the county of Yakima.

When I was in college I was in a brewing club. These are becoming more an more popular. Some clubs you do not even have to be a brewer, but can come for the education portion of the club. If you are unsure about it, but are curious, see if you have a local group you could join. These seem to be very common in college towns.

Suggestions for better enjoyment

Beer seems to be universally be good. Its good with food, or by itself. You can find really cheap beer or craft brews that taste better but cost a little more for the love put into them.

The American way to enjoy a beer is very versatile, but for the majority it is agreed that it should be very cold yet not frozen( 40°F -ish-). Some European countries like to serve the beer at cellar temperature(55°F), or room temperature(64.4 F – 69.8F). I feel that you should try all and see what you like. I can say though that with any alcohol the colder it is, the more muted the flavors will be.

Do it yourself

There are many great websites out there to learn how to make beer. I know a lot of people who like to make their own beer. Here is a small list of free sites to learn what to do to brew your own beer:

There are also tons of books out there either online, or you can find at your local library.